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De-centralize your Finance

bMoney allows you to buy Digital Assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum and others. Manage your funds and make Global Payments easy.

bMoney is a digital payments and solutions company working on making access to digital currencies available worldwide. We are looking to bridge the gap between fiat and crypto and end the stigma associated with crypto currency. Our brand offers products and services that people can trust, from making it easier to send money globally at a fraction of the cost, to providing crypto purchases to the bMoney wallet, or public and private wallets.

Register an Account

Full registration can be completed in as little as 10 mins for Canadian residents and up to 24hrs for residents outside of Canada.

Initiate your trade

No need to load any account as the trade is executed the moment our payment processors have processed your funds.

receive & manage your assets

Your purchase is delivered to your bMoney wallet or external wallet. From here you can send to an exchange or process a payment.

blockchain based financial solutions

Benefits of a bMoney account


    Be Smart . Be Crypto . Be Money

    bMoney services are regulated by FINTRAC in Canada MSB: M19471781

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